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JDZXW-35 outdoor high voltage potential transformer
  Detailed introduction

1.Product Introduction

The series of outdoor voltage transformers are full cast-resin insulated. They are used for metering electric energy, voltage control and relay protection in the electric system up to rated frequency 50Hz or 60Hz and raeted voltage 35kV. The transformers can be executed according to the standards IECl86 and GBl207-2006.


This types of voltage transformers are full enclosed structure of outdoor cast-resin insulation. They have many merits, such as electric arc resistance, ultraviolet ray and aging resistance long creepage distance, Iittle partial discharge and large caliber of resistance to over voltage. JDZXW-35(R) is a single-phase transformer connected between phase to phase.

The JDZF35W2 has two secondary windings. It is separation of energy measiring form voItage monitoring; The JDZXW-35(R) is aIso single-phase transformer connected between phase to ground. The primary A terminaI is connected with phase wire, the N terminaI is earthen. The JDZXW-35(R) has three secondary windings. It is separation of energy measuring form voItage mintoring and relay protection.

The conditions of the partial discgarge test is in accordance with GB1208-2006;

Ambient temperature: -25~+40°c;

Anti-pollution class: IV;

3.The main technical parameters.

type rated voltage ratio(A) rated secondary output(VA) limit output(A) rated insulation level(KV)
0.2 0.5 6P


50 100 100 1000 40.5/95/200

35000 /√3/100/√3/100/√3/100/3

25 50 100 2x500

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