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LZW-35 type high voltage current transformer
  Detailed introduction

1.Product Introduction

This type current transformer adopt switzer land import outdoors rinq oxygen resin vacuum infused full occlude st rut frame.has endure electric are.endure ultraviolet radiation endure aging characteristic.

Be the same with rated frequency 50Hz and rated voltage 35kV or he reinafter outdoors eIectric power system act as current electrlc energy measure and continue electricity protect using, is edge out product for the old type oiI-dip product.

Its enternaIity adopt prevend rain umbrella-skirt. lts exterlor creep electricity dIstance is lonq.secondary extrenity adding metal protect cower pressurize,prevent rain,dustproof endur canker,is city or country side eIectric-net alteration perfect trade are product.

The product meet the standard of GB1208—2006;

Rated insulation level: 40.5/95/185kV;

Rated primary current and secondary current, accuracy classes and as welI ascorresponding rated output see the following table:

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