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JDZJ-10Q type potential transformer
  Detailed introduction

1.Product Introduction

This kind potential transformer is epoxy resin vacuum pouring semi-closed structure,applies to the electric power system of rated frequency 50Hz,rated voltage 10KV below indoor device to be used of the voltage,electric energy measurement and relay protection.

2.Technical Parameter

2.1.Rated voltage ratio:10000/1.732/100/1.732/100/3    

   Accuracy class and rated secondary output(VA): 0.2-20,0.5-40,1-80,3-150,6P-100.

   Utimate output::300VA

   Rated insulation level:12/42/75KV

2.2.Rated voltage ratio:10000/1.732/100/1.732/100/1.732/100/3

   Accuracy class and rated secondary output(VA): 0.2/0.2-15/15,0.2/0.5-15/20,6P-100.

   Utimate output::300VA

   Rated insulation level:12/42/75KV

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