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JLSV2-10 resin pouring one-piece combined transformer
  Detailed introduction

1.Product Introduction

This series 10KV product choose the import outdoor resin fully vacuum pouring,makes current transformer and potential transformer combine as a whole part,applies to 50Hz rated frequency,10kv rated voltage electric power system,equips with 3 phase 3 wire electric energy meter to realise the metering function.


Large creepage distance,strong overload capacity,good insulation performance,high metering accuracy and stealing-electricity prevention function.

2.Environmental use conditions

2.1.Environment temperature:-40℃-+60℃

2.2.Altitude:2000m below

2.3.Relative humidity:Not more than 85%

2.4.Use place:Not allowed in the place of the stronger vibration shock and the magnetic induction intensity.

3.The detailed technical parameters

3.1.Rated voltage:10KV.

3.2.Accuracy level:0.5S and 0.2S class.

3.3.Rated ratio:Voltage ratio:10000/100V,6000/100V.

Current ratio: primary current:2.5、5、7.5、10、15、20、30、40、50、75、100....A.

3.4.Rated capacity:6KV 0.2、0.2S class  voltage part:2*20VA  current part:2*10VA

0.5S class  voltage part:2*25VA  current part:2*10VA

10KV 0.2、0.2S、0.5 class voltage part:2*25VA  current part:2*10VA

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