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JLZW8-12Y combined prepaid metering device
  Detailed introduction

1.Product Introduction

1.1.This kind product has ZW8-12 high voltage vacuum circuit breaker,the metering used potential transformer and the metering used current transformer installed inside the circuit breaker mainbody box,constitutes the high voltage prepaid metering device with the control box.The high voltage mainbody box consists of the high voltage transformers and the high voltage switch room.

1.2.The high voltage transformer is two element or three element(three pieces voltage transformers and three pieces current transformers combination).

1.3.The control box panel installes the closing indicator light and the opening indicator light to show the high voltage run status.Install the electricity shortage alarm lamp to remind the client to pay the electric charge.

1.4.Could install the arrester,the disconnecting switch which is based on the clients’ requirements.

1.5.This device ‘s security is high,it has the stealing-electricity prevention function,the overcurrent fast break function and the short circuit breaking function and so on.

2.Environmental use conditions

2.1.Environment temperature:-35℃-+40℃

2.2.Altitude:2000m below

2.3.Relative humidity:Not more than 90%

2.4.Use place:Not allowed in the place of the stronger vibration shock and the magnetic induction intensity

2.5.Rated frequency:50Hz

2.6.Rated primary current:5-1250A

2.7.Rated secondary current:5A(or 1A)

2.8.Rated secondary voltage:100V

2.9.Circuit breaker switch power voltage:AC/DC 110、220V

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