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JLZW43-12Y combined prepaid metering unit
  Detailed introduction

1.Product Introduction

This device consists of the ZW43 high voltage vacuum circuit breaker,the integral type combined metering box and the prepaid metering control box.The current transformer and the potential transformer which are inside of the combined metering box use the epoxy resin vacuum integral casting.Apply to 6-10kv rated voltage electrical power system branch and used as the remote prepaid metering for the specified transformer,it has two kinds metering types: two element and three element.

2.Structure Features

2.1.Equips the advanced ZW43 vacuum circuit breaker,strong breaking capacity.

2.2.Integral type combined metering box,the metering protection single circuit,no-interference each other,current metering accuracy could reach 0.2S class.The current ratio could be based on the clients’ requirements.

2.3.This device has the strong stealing-electricity prevention ability,choose the aviation socket to connect the wire to make the equipment installation more convenient ans simple.

2.4.The transformers inside the metering box has more wonderful design,makes the installation more simple,elegant appearance,simply maintenance and high reliability.

3.Environmental use conditions

3.1.Environment temperature:-35℃-+40℃

3.2.Altitude:2000m below

3.3.Relative humidity:Not more than 90%

3.4.Use place:Not allowed in the place of the stronger vibration shock and the magnetic induction intensity

3.5.Rated frequency:50Hz

3.6.Rated primary current:5-1250A

3.7.Rated secondary current:5A(or 1A)

3.8.Rated secondary voltage:100V

3.9.Circuit breaker switch power voltage:AC/DC 110、220V

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