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CNF3 2KV low voltage single pole fast switch
  Detailed introduction

1.Product Introduction

The switch is opened by an electromagnet and mechanically latched in open position.This electromagnet charges the spring. Mechanical latch keeps the spring charged. Once this mechanical latch is released via closing coil the spring is released and the switch is closed. The switch remains in closed position by force of the spring. Once the switch is closed, it can only be opened manually under no load condition (i.e., when voltage across the main contacts and current through main contacts are all zero).

2.Technical Specifications

Rated Voltage : 2KV

Rated Current : 800A rms

Short time withstand Current (500ms) : 16 kA peak, 8.5kArms

Short-circuit Making Current : 16 kA peak

Closing time : <50ms

Altitude : 1550m

Humidity : %95

OFF to ON position : Electrically via closing coil

ON to OFF position : Electrically via charging spring with  electromagnet or miniature motor

Control voltage for closing coil : 15V DC

Control voltage for charging spring :  24V DC or 220VrmsAC/50Hz

Auxiliary Contact : 2 – normally closed contact 15VDC, 0.5A

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