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6kv-36 kv outdoor dry casting resin type combination transformer
  Detailed introduction

1.Product Introduction

The combination set of combined instrument transformer and measuring meter is called electric measuring tank. The product is used in three-phase systems of rated frequency of 50/60Hz. They are mounted in outdoor service conditions.

2.Product Feature

2.1.The rated primary voltage is respectively 6kV, 12kV and 36kV, with rated current ranging from 1A to 1kA. 

2.2.The rated secondary voltage is 100V. 

2.3.The instrument transformers have four version s with different voltages 6/12/36 kV. 

2.4.The transformers are designed for three-phase electric systems of rated frequency of 50/60H z. 

2.5.The products are applied to metering electric energy, voltage controlling and relay protection. 

2.6.The tank is accurate, light, reliable, theft-proof and leakage-proof. It is a cost-efficient equipment for controlling electric power.

3.Technical Parameter

Rated voltage

3×6kV; 3×12kV; 3×36kV

Accuracy class

0.5, 0.2, 0.5S and 0.2S

Rated voltage ratio

6k/100; 12k/100; 33k/100

Rated current ratio

1~1k/5 A (two type: single ratio and double ratio)

Primary wiring of double measuring tank

P1 and P2 are heavy current ratio while P1, P3 are high current ratio.

Rated burden:

PT components

15, 25 and 50 VA

CT components

10, 25 and 30 VA.

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