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HY5W-12/24/35 high voltage zinc oxide lightning arrester
  Detailed introduction

1.Product Introduction

The core elements of the core components of the production of zinc oxide and a variety of metal oxide,compared with the traditional silicon carbide arrester,greatly improved the resistance of the film's characteristics,improve the resistance of the flow capacity,so as to bring the characteristics of the basic changes.

2.Product Features
2.1.Reliability and excellent protection based on years of experience and expertise in surge protection.
2.2.Good anti-moisture capability, resistant to pollution.
2.3.GIS metal oxide surge arrester, composite metal oxide surge arrester and porcelain metal oxide surge arresters are available.
2.4.Long life and lightweight.
2.5.Easy installation and maintenance.
2.6.Good sealing capability to ensure reliable operation.
2.7.High energy absorption ability.

3.Environment Condition

3.1.The ambient air temperatures is no higher than +40℃,nolower than -40℃;
3.2.The altitude above sea level dose not exceed 1000-2000m(the plateau ares should be indicated when order);
3.3.AC systen frequency is 50Hz or 60Hz;
3.4.Power frequency voltage brought to bear on arrester for a long time does not exceed arrester's continuous operation voltage;
3.5.Maximum wind speed does not exceed 35m/s;
3.6.The earthquake intensity does not exceed 7 degrees;
3.7.The filthy area should be given clear indication.

4.Technical parameter

4.1.Rated voltage(Ur):12 kV

4.2.Nominal discharge current(In):5kA

4.3.Maximun continuous operating voltage(Uc):10.20 kV

4.4.Lightning impulse 8/20 μ s:32.8kV

4.5.Steep current impulse 1/10 μ s:37.6kV

4.6.Switching impulse 30/60 μ s :28.0kV

4.7. 2ms rectangular current withstand:250A

4.8. 4/10 μ s high current impulse withstand:65kA

4.9. Lightning impulse:95kV

4.10. Power frequency,(wet):40kV

4.11. Creepage distance:432mm

Creepage distance/rated voltage ratio:36.0mm/kv

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