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GW1-12/15 outdoor high voltage disconnecting switch
  Detailed introduction

1.Product Introduction

GW1 series outdoor AC isolation switch for AC 50Hz outdoor high voltage electrical equipment,rated voltage 10kV, 12kV, 20kV, for high voltage transmission line under no load condition and opening, electrical isolation and high-pressure line of electrical equipment and charged the maintenance of high voltage bus, circuit breakers and the like, can also small capacitor or inductor current for open.

This series of outdoor isolating switch to meet the GB1985, IEC60129GB/T11022 and< the high voltage switch equipment and control equipment standard common technical requirements> standard of the relevant provisions.


a.The altitude does not exceed 3500 meters.

b.the ambient temperature is not higher than +40℃, not lower than -30 ℃.

c.The wind pressure is not over 700Pa ( equivalent to wind speed 34m/s)

d.The seismic intensity is not over 8 degrees

e.no combustion and explosion dangerous. No violent vibration and impact, no serious corrosion of metallic and insulating material chemical sites.

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