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JLZW18-12 load switch integral type prepaid metering device
  Detailed introduction

1.Product Introduction

JLZW18-12Y load switch integral type prepaid metering device is mainly used in 5000KVA below power consumer of 12KV power line,could equip with the controller and the measure meter to realise the fuction of the high voltage measurement and the prepaid control.It equals to realise the comprehensive function of 12KV user boundary switch and the high voltage metering box.The metering box is made up of the metering switch main body and the control box,the mainbody connects with the control box by the cable.

The metering box mainbody equips with the specialized high voltage permanent magnet vacuum switch,the metering voltage transformer,the metering current transformer and the mechanical closing/opening transmission mechanism.

Inside of the control box reserve the installation place of a piece 3 phase multi-fonction watt-hour meter、cellphone or IC card prepaid controller and the related control circuit.

2.Use environmental conditions

2.1.Ambient air temperature:-30℃-+60℃


2.3.Earthquake:earthquake intensity is no more than 8n degree

2.4.Wind pressure:≤700Pa(wind speed 34m/s)

2.5.Air pollution level:Class 3


       2.7.Installation place:No flammable、explosive risk、chemical corrosion and strenuous vibration places.

       3.Structure features

3.1.The high voltage permanent magnet load switch is integrateded layout with the metering box,small volume,easy installation,the lower integration cost.

3.2.The high voltage permanent magnet load switch:Simple and reliable structure,less transmission components,flexible movement,long mechanical life and small operating power,more suitable for the remote control operation,the switch realises the no pressure run after the closing, so the equipment is more reliable.

3.3.Metering box is produced as a whole part,the door is sealed complete which could have the antisteal electricity function.

3.4.The inlet/outlet bushings use silicone rubber protective,it has a better insulation performance,anti-aging,long working life and elegant appearance.

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