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HV Disconnecting Switch

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GW4-12(35) outdoor high voltage disconnecting switch
  Detailed introduction

1.Product Introduction
GW4-12(40.5)outdoor AC high voltage disconnect switch (disconnect switch for short) is used to open and close circuit with voltage but no-load 50/60Hz,12(40.5)kV power system.It accords with standards of IEC62271-103:High voltage switches and GB1985 and other relative standards.

2.Environmental Conditions

2.1. Altitude: 3000m;
2.2. Ambient temperature: -25 ~+40;
2.3. Wind speed: 35m/s;
2.4. Pollution degree: III;
2.5. Earthquake intensity: 8 degree;
2.6. Applicable occasions should free from inflammable, explosives, caustic gas.

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