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GN30-12 indoor rotary type high voltage disconnecting switch
  Detailed introduction

1.Product Introduction

GN30-12 Series indoor H.V. rotation disconnecting switches is a new type of disconnecting switches, which special designed for XGN2-12 H.V. switchgear, with rated voltage 12kV and three phase AC 50Hz indoor facility. It mainly opens and closes circuit on condition with voltage and no load, making circuit breaker and main bus reliable and effective with disconnecting and earth, to guarantee safe for maintenance staff and component, avoid accident.

2.Ambient Condition

2.1. Altitude: ≤1000m;

2.2. Ambient temperature: -25℃~+40℃;
2.3. Relative humidity: daily average ≤95%, monthly average ≤90%;
2.4. Earthquake intensity: ≤8 degree;
2.5. Applicable occasions should free from inflammables, explosives, corrosives and severe vibration.
3.Product Feature
3.1. Scientific design and innovative structure.
3.2. Contacting points distribute on two planes, small operating moment, and release pressure to small and easy adjustment.
3.3. Improved driving and conducting part.
3.4. Column moving contact that can decrease operating strength and ensure reliability of circuit conduction.

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