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FZW32(43)-12 outdoor permanent magnet vacuum load switch
  Detailed introduction

1.Product Introduction

FZW32/FZW43-12 type switch is a new developed load switch on the basic of national present mature experience of load switch and international advanced designing and making. It is composed of isolating knife, vacuum arc-extinguishing room and operation mechanism etc. vacuum arc-extinguishing principle makes it have many advantages of strong ability for arc-extinguishing, reliable performance, long life, small volume, no explosion danger and no pollution etc.
This load switch is suitable for outdoor AC three-phase power distribution system of rated voltage 12KV, rated current 630A, rated frequency 50Hz with load breaking and on-off power distribution circuit it can also used for breaking and switching on and off of non-load circuit, non-load transformer. On the switching off position, it can meet the requirement for power source isolation appointment by disconnecting switch. 

This load switch can be used for circuit control of transmission power system in industries like power station, metallurgy, mining and chemical industry etc as well as occasions of frequent operation.

2.Application Environment and Conditions

a:Ambient air temperature: the upper limit is +40℃, the lower limit is -30℃, and the daily temperature difference is not over 32K;

b:The altitude is not over 2,000m;
c:The wind pressure does not exceed 700Pa (which amounts to the wind speed of 34s);
d:The air dirty extent is level four according to the specification in provision 4.2 of GB5585;
e:The seismic intensity shall not exceed 8 degrees;
f:The thickness of ice coating is not over 10mm.

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