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Vacuum Load Switch

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FZNS16 high voltage 12kv permanent magnet vacuum load switch
  Detailed introduction

1.Product Introduction

The vacuum load switch select high-quality vacuum load switch, now the most advanced configuration of the two steady state permanent magnet operation gold hooks for the main axis move components, the agencies operating less component,the secondary circuit control simple, points or off small current, in points, off state control circuit don't need the power supply long-term charged, realize no pressure operation. Safe, reliable, and has obvious effect in energy saving.

The vacuum load switch in close, in the process of break-brake very fast,the open and travel from is larger,with excellent

open circuit performance; the short-term resistance current can be up to 20 KA.

With dry type transformer can form a complete set,isolating switch of integration with isolating switch prepaid measuring boxes, also can achieve manually break-brake function,price obvious advantages, is a new generation of prepaid measuring boxes the most ideal matching switch.

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