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Vacuum Load Switch

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PGS-12/24/40.5 outdoor SF6 gas insulation load switch
  Detailed introduction

1.Product Introduction

PGS outdoor pole mounted SF6 load break switch is used for breaking rated voltage 12/24/40.5kV,rated current 630A,50/60Hz power distribution system,closing load current and over load current of power system,it could separate automatically track sections of power distribution which faults occur.The switch is matched with electronic controller which is with the latest technology.The switch has manual,motor,remote operation modes.The electronic controller would be installed inside the stainless steel box,so it could be used in various climate conditions. Besides that,the wire/wireless modem installed inside control box could achieve remote monitoring

and controlling.It’s easy and convenient for installating the switch on pole,and that could reduce the execution cost.

2.Standard application condition

Operation condition as follows:

2.1 Ambient temperature

2.1.1 Air temperature:max +50℃,min -40℃.

2.1.2 Relative humidity:110%

2.2 Altitude≤3000m.

2.3 Wind pressure≤700pa(equivalent to wind speed 34m/s)

2.4 Seismic intensity:8degree

2.5 Installation site:No fire disaster,explosion danger,chemical corrosion and frequent strenuous vibration places

2.6 Pollution grade:Ⅲclass,5 class


3.1 SF6 gas insulation

3.1.1 SF6 gas is nontoxic,incombustible,electrical insulating gas,it is with excellent arc extinguishing characteristic.

3.2 Bushing diversity

3.2.1 Expect standard porcelain bushing,could provide many schemes,include rubber insulator in epoxy device bushing.

3.3 Visible breaking/closing status

3.3.1 It’s easy to see the indicator which marked with color in main contact position from earth.(green-breaking;red-closing).The indicator would connect directly

with drive shaft of main contacts to make sure of showing contact status exactly.

3.4 Quick operation

3.4.1 Adopt spring energy storage type operation mechanism to make sure of quick opening and closing operation(less than 110ms)

3.5 Could achieve local or remote controlling

3.5.1 Could achieve local operation with electronic controller,and also could achieve master control operation with FTU/RTU interface.

3.6 Durable switch

3.6.1 The switch is made of durable,anti-corrosion material(304L stainless steel)which is verified,that could make sure of long lifetime(30 years).And also could

achieve series operation.

3.7 Standard

3.7.1 Every switch has been filled with SF6 gas and deal with sealing treatment before sending out from factory.The test has been done according to IEC60265-1(1988)GB3804-1990 standards.

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