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Vacuum Load Switch

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FZW28-12 intelligent outdoor high voltage vacuum load switch
  Detailed introduction

1.Product Introduction

The vacuum on-load switch of the Model FZW28-12 is suitable for the occasion that the column is installed, operate the function manually and automatically. Switch this adopt vacuum kill arc to oppose SF6 gas and alternate insulating medium. Product this accord with GB3804.1exchange, vary voltage on-load switch> and GB11022high-pressure switchgear and control apparatus sharing technical requirement of standard >.Originally explain and describe the structure of the vacuum on-load switch on the column, the function and equipment method quickly.


Forbid opening one to cover!

Besides installing bolt and nut on the column, please don’t unload loose, fasten all bolts and nuts!

Basic funtions

a. Automatic atresia alternate with short circuit faults:Users short-circuit fault feeder happen alternate with, the dividing line switch in substation circuit breaker or overlapping protection tripping device immediately after break-brake and closure, the substation coincidence, the other branch feeder user quickly restored power supply.

b. Quickly locate fault point:User line accidents caused by boundary switch protection, responsibility of user power cut, by its active submit accident information, power company sent to the scene by palm computer or communication module investigation the cause of the accident.

c. Automatic removal of the single-phase grounding fault:Subscriber line when the single-phase grounding fault happens, demarcation switch automatic gates; substation and feeder on the other branch of the user does not experience failure.

2.The use of environmental conditions

2.1. Ambient temperature: -40°C~+40°C;

2.2. Wind speed: ≤35 m/s;

2.3. Altitude: ≤1000m;

2.4. Earthquake intensity: ≤8;

2.5. Environment humidity: month average relative humidity ≤90%, average daily relative humidity ≤95%;

2.6. Cladding ice thickness: ≤10mm;

2.7. Installation place should be no inflammable, explosive, chemical corrosion and recurrent severe vibration place;

2.8. Neutral-point earthing ways: non-ground neutral, neutral the coil of arc extinction, neutral grounding the small resistance grounded.


3.1.Can detect the milliamperes line of zero sequence current and 25 times the alternate with short circuit current rating, and its accurate, action quick;

3.2.The same specification products can be used in different neutral grounding operation pattern of the electric power distribution system;

3.3.Vacuum arcing, SF6 outer insulation, built-in isolation dao and arcing chamber asynchronous linkage, switch points and ability, good safety;

3.4.Latch type spring operation mechanism, pole type manual close brake, manual or electric points off sluice, simple operation is convenient;

3.5.Work power (voltage transformer) can built-in, complete sets of equipment maintenance overall from high;

3.6.All parts of full seal, uv resistance, resistance to gel properties is good;

3.7.All the air plug electrical connections, and installation are put into operation quick, convenient, accurate, reliable;

3.8.Generally choose not to have communication mode can run according to need to configure communication module and flexible wired or wireless communication mode choice for centralized data management.

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