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Vacuum Circuit Breaker

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ZN12-12(40.5) indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker
  Detailed introduction

1.Product Introduction

ZN12-12(40.5) indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker is a type of indoor H.V. electric apparatus of rated voltage 12/40.5kV, three-phase AC 50/60Hz.The VCB features with simple structure, long mechanical life, strong breaking capability,multiple functions and convenient maintenance.It is safe from explosion,thus applicable in power house and substation to control and protect electricity distribution systems.

In addition, it is especially applicable at essential position and in occasions with frequent operation.

2.Structural Characteristics

2.1.The operating mechanism is integrated with vacuum circuit break,with characteristics of short transmission routes ,less chains and high transmission efficiency.

2.2.This operating mechanism adopts spring type,it can be operated by AC or DC,also can be operated by manual.

3.Applying Ambient Conditions

3.1.Ambient temperature :-10℃–+40℃

3.2.Relative humidity: the average humidity of a day should be no more than 95%;the average humidity of a month should be no more than90%.
3.3.Earthquake intensity:not exceed 8 degrees
3.4.Saturated vapor pressure: the average pressure of a day should be no more than 2.2k Pa;the average pressure of a month should be no more than 1.8k Pa.
3.5.The height above sea level: ≤1000m(Not including special requirements)
3.6.It should be installed in the places without fire,explosion,serious filth,and chemical erosion and violent vibration.

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