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ZW79M-40.5 outdoor permanent magnet vacuum circuit breaker
  Detailed introduction

1.Product Introduction

ZW79-40.5 outdoor type AC high voltage vacuum circuit breaker is 3 phases AC 50Hz,rated voltage 40.5KV outdoor high voltage switchgear,is mainly used in the urban and rural electricity power networks,It applies to make and break big current,overload current and short-circuit current in power system.

This kind of the vacuum circuit breaker equips with the ALYB type intelligent reclosing controller could achieve 0-3 times reclosing function and frequent operation function.

2.Product features

A:The product general structure:choose the solid insulated three-phase pillar type vacuum circuit breaker to apply to the pole mounting or electric substation application,the insulating material is HCEP,this kind of the material is the new generation material of CEP,vacuum arcing chamber is inside of the Insulation column,,the insulated pull rod and the connecting rod and the three pole epoxy pillar are installed in one mechanism case together,the arcing chamber dynamic side connects with the agency output shaft by the insulated pull rod.

B:The outside of the product arcing chamber use the outside epoxy resin,makes the whole part fully sealed which brings in the foreign advanced technology to achieve the foreign advanced level,it is the national initiative,has the characteristic of prevent gel,ageing resistant,high temperature resistance,alpine-cold,avoids the series problems of the gas filled and oil filled,basically reaches the free maintenance level.

C:Vacuum arcing chamber dynamic side straights to the vertical connection movement with the agency output shaft through the insulated pull rod,safe and reliable,easy to commissioning and maintenance.

D:The institution and the connection rod are installed inside of the waterproof case.To aviod the electronic control unit insde the box damps,the mechanism case could install the heater.

E:The product could equips with the different ratios of the current transformers to measure and protect,the client could choose the suitable one which is based on the specific requirements.

F:The product structure novels,simple and reliable,small volume,light weight(the complete machine weight:200kg),easy to install.

G:The product could equips with the control terminal interface which is used in the distribution network automation and unmanned substation.

3.Environmental conditions

3.1.Ambient temperature: -45℃ ~+50℃ ;

3.2.Wind speed: ≤35m/s;

3.3.Altitude: ≤1000mm;

3.4.Earthquake intensity: ≤8 degree;

3.5.Relative humidity: monthly average ≤90%, daily average ≤95%;

3.6.Ice thickness: ≤10mm;

3.7.Applicable occasions should be free from inflammables, explosives, corrosives and severe vibrations.

3.8.Ambient pollution: IV;

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