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ZW8-12 outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker
  Detailed introduction

1.Product Introduction

ZW8-12 Outdoor high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker is outdoor distribution equipment with 12kV rated voltage and 50HZ three phase alternating current It is applied to lead current, over current and short circuit current during the breaking-closing electric system It is suit for protecting and controlling in the transformer substation, industrial and mining establishments' distribution system or other rural power grids.

2.Operation and installation condition

2.1.Elevation: ≤1000m (For special order, please keep informed in advance)

2.2.Ambient temperature: -30°C ~ +40°C

2.3.Wind Pressure: ≤700Pa (equivalent with wind speed 35m/s)

2.4.Seismic intensity: ≤8°

2.5.Pollution level: Class Ⅲ

2.6.Installation site: The installation site should be kept from fire and explosive hazard, or chemical corrosion or regular strenuous vibration.


3.1.The breaker has strong breaking capacity, with short arcing time and long electrical encurance. It could break the short-circuit current for 30 times without maintenance. The mechanical features are good with reliable insulation and simple structure.

3.2.Circuit breaker consists of conductive circuit, insulation system, seals, and enclosure. General structure is three phases in one enclosure.

3.3.Creepage distance of silastic bushing is 26.9mm/KV.

3.4.Vacuum arc-control chamber is the arc-control component of the breaker, which enclosed with external insulation porcelain housing, and middle sealing-in.

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