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ZW20t-12 intelligent outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker
  Detailed introduction

1.Product Introduction

ZW20-12 type of outdoor boundary circuit breaker meet the national GB1984 the high-voltage ac breaker "and GB/T11022 the high voltage switch equipment and control equipment of common technology standard requirements," and the relevant IEC standard. With the current protection, grounding protection, reclose function. Through the air and controller have inserted connected: fault automatic resection phase-to-ground fault, automatic disconnect alternate with quick location, short-circuit fault fault point, the event log automation function. Good electrical and agency performance, ZW20A-12 type of outdoor boundary circuit breaker be widely used. 

For the main section, close 10 kV power system load current and short-circuit current,suitable for transformer substations and industrial and mining enterprises distribution systems to make protection and control in more suitable to the power grid frequent operation occasion. This product and controller form a complete set, as a dividing line for power companies and users circuit breaker boundary first circuit breaker, have the full protection of the performance, excellent coincidence device function, meet the power distribution automation system requirements.

2.The use of environmental conditions

2.1.Ambient temperature: not higher than +40°C , not lower than -40°C
2.2.Air relative humidity: day average no greater than 95%, on average less than 90%;
2.3.Altitude: not exceed 2000 m;
2.4.Wind pressure: not more than 700 Pa (equivalent to wind speed 34 m/s);

2.5.Seismic intensity: not more than eight level;
2.6.No fire, explosion, serious filthy, chemical corrosion and violent vibration of places.If the customers have other special requirements, can be in order to put forward, our company can offer most satisfied.


3.1.Operation is flexible and convenient: this product can electric energy storage, electric points off, can also be manual energy storage, manualpoints off function and can close remote operation;

3.2.Open circuit superior performance: open circuit rated short-circuit current 25 kA up to 30 times;
3.3.Power small operation, high reliability: a new design of miniaturization electric spring institutions, part number and energy storage rating of the motor power (about 40 W) are reduced to a minimum level;

3.4.Flexible installation: can use column in hoisting, or a installation;
3.5.Has free maintenance characteristic: the main circuit breaker, two components, operating agencies have sealed in SF6 gas (zero table press), not by external environment influence, stable performance, reliable, and free maintenance;

3.6.Seal reliable performance: the mature seal structure technology, reliable seating performance;
3.7.The outlet and insulation performance: adopt silicon rubber casing, make terminals insulation distance between abundance, outer insulation performance are excellent;

3.8.Use safety: in the system.after the installation have an explosion protection device, even if the accident of internal fault, also won't have more than 10 mm high temperature gas or the object of leakage and fly out escape;

3.9."Four control" function: and intelligent controller kit, implement remote control, remote measure, remote communication and the remote function.

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