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HV Vacuum Contactor

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CZN85-40.5KV handcart type permanent magnet vacuum contactor
  Detailed introduction

1.Product Introduction

ZN85-40.5 AC HV vacuum circuit breakeris applicable for power system with three phase AC 50Hz, 40.5kV,used for industrial and mining enterprises, power plants and transformer substations to protect and control equipments,also, it can be used in the location where with frequent operations.It has the advantages of the easy maintenance and long working life.It is specially used in the bad occasions of big harmonic,large voltage fluctuation,high humidity and big dust.

2.Product Features

2.1.The vacuum arc extinguishing chamber adopts the special process,has the features of small contact resistance,big creep distance,strong ability to resist harmonic and long working life.

2.2.Use the permanent magnet operating mechanism,the intelligent controller,simple mechanism,less transmission components,has the AC and DC two kinds control ways,it has the higher cost performance.

2.3.The electric life and the mechanical life of the product could reach 100000 times.

3.Use environment

3.1.Ambient temperature -15 ℃ ~ +40 ℃.

3.2.Installation site altitude does not exceed 1000m.

3.3.The relative humidity of the air ,the wettest month average monthly maximum relative humidity of 90%.

3.4.Environment:anhydrous invasion,noncorrosive and flammable gas and excessive vibration occasions .

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