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HV Vacuum Contactor

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JCZ1 7.2/12KV single pole high voltage vacuum contactor
  Detailed introduction


JCZ1 series AC high voltage vacuum contactor,is suitable for AC50~60HZ,rated voltage of the main circuit 7.2/12KV,rated current from 160A to 800A power network system for remote making and breaking and frequent starting and controlling AC motors, transformers and capacitor banks and other occasions.This series contactor have the feature of long life time,good performance.

2.Contactor normal working conditions

2.1.Ambient temperature:-25 ℃~ +40 ℃.

2.2.Installation site altitude does not exceed 2000m.

2.3.The relative humidity of the air,the wettest month average monthly maximum relative humidity of 90%,monthly average minimum temperature of +25°C,and taking into account the cream of temperature changes on the surface of the product.

2.4.Environment:anhydrous invasion,non-corrosive and flammable gas and excessive vibration occasions.

3.Action Performance

When the ambient air temperature is -25 ℃~+40℃, the contactor control supply voltage in the range of ratings(rated voltage) of 85-110% should be able to reliably pull.Use contacts in the coal mine,in the control power supply voltage rating(rated voltage) in the range of 75-110% should be able to reliably pull.Release voltage should not be higher than the rated voltage control supply voltage (rated voltage) of 75% at rated frequency AC voltage release should not be less than 20% us, DC is not less than 10% us.

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