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SVG compensation device used in Gansu Wind power project
Writer:chennuo   Writing time:2016.08.18  Read:

This year from the second phase of jiuquan wind power 3 million kw send news engineering field, the first set of SVG dynamic reactive power compensation device in blond 2 main transformer substation of commissioning.

The device is installed on the blond 2 main transformer of 35 kv substation side, each 1 set of 20 mvar dynamic reactive power compensation device, belongs to the first set in gansu province electric power company system. Blond's straight hanging SCG device for the substation, mainly by control the cabinet, power cabinets, start the ark, connected reactor and air cooling system of five parts.

SVG device can inhibit substation bus-bar voltage flicker fluctuations, to suppress the harmonic pollution, fast continuously provide capacitive and inductive reactive power, control the appropriate voltage and reactive power, enhancing into substation all the overall low voltage through capacity of wind power, improve the stability of the system is running.

Chennuo electric, is specializing in the production of SVG \ SVC dynamic reactive power compensation manufacturers, currently on the market running JCZ9 40.5 KV indoor high voltage vacuum contactor, meet the equipment open frequently. And adopts enclosed pillar type structure, to ensure that the insulation and pressure performance, especially develop products used at high altitudes, 35 KV vacuum contactor to fill the domestic void.

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