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Turkey customer come to our factory to negotiate the vacuum contactor order
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Global electricity service, filling with switch value!

Chennuo electric is committed to high and low voltage vacuum contactor, vacuum circuit breakers and vacuum load switch of research, development and sales, since the company to develop foreign trade business, after foreign trade staff of hard work and persistence, my company's foreign trade business is booming. Recently, Turkey customer visit factory and negotiate orders for vacuum contactor, for my company to develop new recognition is higher, low voltage large current contactor product technical performance indicators fully met, and test and approved by our clients.

with the vacuum switch the status and the strength of the industry, Chennuo electric to provide personalized custom products for foreign clients, fully meet the needs of customers, different countries, especially the Russian order, our company technical personnel according to the requirements of the country's use, to fully improve the contactor product test, finally the technology needed to fully meet customer requirements, by the customer the consistent high praise.With the advancement of our foreign trade business, believe in the near future, in chennuo can gain a foothold in the foreign market competition.

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