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B series contactor run-up Photovoltaic inverter industry
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Chennuo electric developed B series AC vacuum contactor, wind power and photovoltaic (pv) grid inverter dedicated switch, fully enclosed high-power, contactor main contact load rated current up to 160A - 2500A working voltage 380 v to 2000 v, auxiliary contact with high performance, high reliable high-speed switch, load value range: AC: 12 a. 250 v;DC: 10 a. 220 v (DC - 1);

The contactor is widely used in wind power, new energy, electric power system, petroleum, chemical industry, coal mine, metallurgy and other fields, and electrified railway used to connected with the breaker circuit, especially suitable for control of three-phase ac motor start and stop frequently. The contactor adopts electronic control coil without surge suppressor. Interchangeable with similar products at home and abroad.

Main features:
1, vacuum arc extinguishing technology: high-performance arcing feature
2, AC/DC general: AC/DC
3, wide voltage: 250 v to 440 v
4, electronic control coil: charged, no noise
5 50/60 hz, regardless of the control power supply to ac or dc, can be directly connected to control coil, without considering the power network and type of control power.

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