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Company as technology innovation as the foundation, product quality as the foundation of the business, brand strategy as the guidance, the company leaders attaches great importance to the of all kinds of talent cultivation and employment, at present set up two research and development department, one is the high-end switch group, is mainly responsible for high and low voltage vacuum contactor, quick switch, large current contactor, permanent magnet mechanism, and other products of research and development. Another is the intelligent distribution network division, is mainly responsible for synthetical distribution box (JP box), circuit breaker, load switch, selling electricity management device, reactive power compensation device, automatic control equipment, high and low voltage complete sets of development; Existing all kinds of professional and technical personnel 35 people, including the training of qualified employment of professional test, quality control and technical personnel 10 people, have senior engineer, engineer 10 people, assistant engineer qualification.

Company Technical Services

1, Our company will communicate with the client before sign the contract to confirm technical plan, when technical person confirmed then sign contract, to avoid technical requirement is not in conformity with the provisions of the circumstances, give the necessary loss on both sides.

2, Our company have the duty invited to participate in the technical design of the contract goods if needs, and explained to the buyer's technical design for related costs and services.

3, Both sides discuss the plan for installation, debugging and operation technology services (if any), if there are any changes, our company shall notify the buyer in written form and confirmed by the buyer is carried out. In order to adapt to the requirements of site condition, the buyer shall have the right to make changes or amendments, and inform my company, my company to give full consideration, as far as possible to meet buyer's requirements.

On Site Technical Service

On-site service is made for the purpose of safe and normal operation of equipment. According to user requirements and comprehensive judgment, we will send the qualified engineer at the scene. Our engineer shall have the right to do on-site technical and business problems. Such as an on-site quality problem, our staff on site will be handled within the time prescribed by the user.

Training Programs

Through the repair, operation, maintenance and technical training for buyers in the operation of the products, make the engineer to have a understanding of the basic structure of the equipment, performance, and master the operation of the product use and maintenance methods.

Training time, member, location and other specific content can be agreed between two parties. We will provide training equipment, sites, material and other training conditions.

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