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Based on spirit of "scientific, realistic, timely, efficient" principle, faithful service, with the greatest sincerity to meet the needs of users. The company established a strong professional technical support and after-sales service team, to provide users with comprehensive technical service, help the user to choose and use the product correctly, timely solve all kinds of difficult problems for the user. 
1, Ensure that provide a good pre-sales, after-sales service to end users, in order for the user product before the product performance and use requirements, provide relevant product information, being a good staff by the user.
2, Combined with the technical training for user requirements, quality tracking, and access to the user, in a timely manner according to user's need to improve the performance of our products and continuously improve product quality.
3, Starting from the date of the products, shelf life two years, the warranty period appear quality problem, adopted a policy of products "three guarantees" service.
4, More than "3 packets" service period of products, guarantee for the product parts and wearing parts according to the ex-factory price is favorable, and according to user needs to do a good job of maintenance services.
5, The product is in use process, if appear quality problem, the user notice after the preliminary response in one hour, take out the solution to reach the site within 24 hours to solve major problems.

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