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【May, 2004】Company start to build, products experiment assembly and accessories manufacture.
【April 2005】Chennuo registered in luoyang high-tech development zone. New factory located in sunqitun industrial zone, plant area is 1000 square meters, the company began to run the factory standard.
【March, 2006】Chennuo successfully trial-produced the first high voltage permanent magnet vacuum contactor, which is the first domestic company of permanent magnetic actuator application.
【February, 2007】JCZ8C series capacitor special type high voltage vacuum contactor, smoothly through the reactive power compensation for electric power industry. Qualified the reactive compensation industry product supply.
【March, 2009】Due to expand production, move to luoyang high-tech zone store of the southern section of town Sun Bai road, covers an area of 9.3 acres, workshop 1500 square meters, warehouse area of 1500 square meters, one office building, chennuo started to flourish.
【December, 2010】Response to high-tech zone government investment policies, business incubator in luoyang study, start new leap. Enter luoyang study pioneering park, start a new development.
【August, 2011】 Henan chennuo electrical equipment Co., ltd. invested by luoyang chennuo electric Co., ltd. Which registered in high and new technology industrial cluster areas in jiyuan city, registered fund is 30 million yuan. In the same year in July intelligent high voltage vacuum circuit breaker comprehensive pass the type testing that means chennuo electric vacuum circuit breaker product enter into the domestic market.
【June, 2013】Chennuo electric buy standard workshop in the luo long district science park, expand the scale of production, and go into the power system and new energy, enterprise strength further improved.

chennuo electric from establishment to now for more than ten years, the number of employees by the original 6 developed to the present more than 120, products from the original 2 series to more than 30 series, from the original extensive management mode to the standardized management, all of them is inseparable from chennuo's all staff's unremitting efforts and hard work, cannot without friend's support and help our customers and suppliers, thank you for always accompany and follow many years, because of you, chennuo electric own today's performance. Chnnuo will never forget you!

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